I Love New York:

All RJD jewelry is designed and produced in New York City. I see and touch every single item throughout the process from top-to-bottom, making sure your pieces are as perfect as if they were my own.


I design each piece from the inside out. I hunt for stones and gemstones that “wow” me, whether they are traditional or rare. I want the very best quality with little to no treatment. Most of the jewelry lives within a particular collection, but each necklace, pendant, ring, or earring, is unique. I may never find the same stone again, but I will find something equally beautiful. This ensures that my clients give their look a personalized spin.

If You Know, You Know:

Working only in 18K gold and higher, I want the pieces to have a little heft to them, to feel substantial when you hold them in your hands. My clients know their purchases are exceptional just by wearing them. You should not have to be an expert in anything but what you love.

Personalized feels:

Do you have jewelry that belonged to someone important to you, but it doesn’t suit you personally? Or pieces that are sitting in a drawer that you just don’t wear anymore? RJD can help! I have worked with clients on something as simple as updating the bales on their favorite pendants and charms, to reworking a grandmother’s engagement ring entirely.  Together we can imagine and create cherished jewels that are meaningful and wearable.